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Hypnosis that doesn't work is no bargain.
Hypnosis that works is a bargain at any price.

When you come to Alternative Hypnosis, you get the oldest hypnosis clinic in Onondaga County a clinic with nearly 40 years experience. In that time, we've learned a lot! Grounded in history and professionalism and yet dedicated to remaining abreast of the newest developments in our field, we offer rich opportunities for the resolution of your particular problem. The focus of our practice is weight loss, and we sub specialize in helping people with nicotine cessation, stress, and addictions. In addition, we offer clinical hypnosis and counseling services to resolve a wide variety of conditions, including, anxiety, phobias, irritable bowel syndrome, academics, and many more. We also help people to improve in areas that may not be experienced as problematic, such as improved creativity, and athletic and other aspects of performance excellence.

We offer the very unusual practice of offering guarantees of free follow-up visits on many of our programs.


At our clinic you will receive competent, caring service in a dignified professional environment. Call us to inquire about help with your particular problem:
weight loss :: smoking cessation :: anxiety :: stress :: addictions :: habits :: moods :: depression :: self esteem :: anger control :: sports performance

Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau The only local hypnosis clinic which belongs to the Better Business Bureau
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